WordCamp Europe 2023 was held in Athens this year, and our Kanoppi founder Louise Towler spoke on the Saturday morning about digital sustainability.

WordPress is a powerful platform for building websites, but it is important to consider the impact of these sites on the environment.

Louise’s talk focussed on delivering practical tips for users and developers to maximise digital sustainability for WordPress websites that deliver benefits for both users and the planet.

Louise outlined the key steps that users and developers can take throughout the lifecycle of a website: from planning, design and development, through to ongoing hosting and updates to the content. The goal is to reduce the carbon footprint of a website, maximising commercial opportunities and improving performance and search rankings.

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No single action can stop climate change, but we can all play a part.

This talk aimed to contribute to a greener and more responsible digital future by raising awareness of digital sustainability and empowering WordPress users and developers to make a positive impact.

  • Louise Towler

    Louise Towler

    Founder of Kanoppi and WordPress agency Indigo Tree, with deep expertise in WordPress websites, technical SEO and commercial performance for clients across the UK.