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Our story so far

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How we started

How can we improve website performance?

Kanoppi is a new software company, which started as project within WordPress agency Indigo Tree.

Back in 2021, Louise and Paul started thinking about how we build websites at our agency, Indigo Tree. We started talking about performance, and Louise realised that because better website performance and speed often reduce the amount of data transferred for each page, this reduces the electricity required which then reduces the carbon footprint too.

But even if a website is fast when it is launched, content editors and website owners update the content and add new content, and this may cause issues.

Regular website audits can be expensive, so we wanted to ‘design out’ problems by continuously monitoring the website and educating the content editors, so new issues do not arise.

And the idea for Kanoppi was born…

  • Measure the carbon footprint for each website page on a daily basis.
  • Show where improvements can be made that will have the most impact.
  • Editors then make changes to the content.
  • Reports on the improvements in performance.

And all of this…

  • Provides a better experience for visitors, increasing conversions and sales.
  • While decreasing your website’s carbon footprint per visitor!

Find out more about how Kanoppi works.

Kanoppi is now a separate company from Indigo Tree. So we can receive investment and prepare to launch our innovative software. To find out more contact us.

  • 2021

Indigo Tree
Planning how we could build faster websites for our clients.

  • 2022

KEEP+ University Hertfordshire
User research, including questions about sustainability.

Innovate UK Women in Innovation Award
Software development and marketing plan.

Sustainability Accelerator at University Hertfordshire
Carbon footprint calculations, IP and branding

IPO IP Audit
Advice and audit for trademarks

  • 2023

IPO IP Access
Help with a draft patent

A4i Award with Newton Gateway for Mathematics
Estimating bot traffic

  • August 2023 onwards

Kanoppi early adopter launch
Private beta testing

Kanoppi Limited
Planning for investment and developing our software ready for launch

Ready to get started?

Our innovative WordPress extension is in private beta testing, launching soon. If you are interested, please request a demo and join our waiting list.