A low angle shot of tree
A low angle shot of tree

How it works

Measuring your website’s carbon footprint

Daily monitoring

Daily measurement and tracking of individual pages

As you update your WordPress website, adding new pages, posts, videos, images, and content, the carbon footprint of individual pages may change.

  • We measure each pages with visitors daily.
  • Our calculations are weighted by visitor traffic, visitor location and device.
Kanoppi dashboard, tablet view
Kanoppi dashboard widget

Detailed reports

Summary and per page reporting

See the visitor traffic and carbon footprint reports within your WordPress Admin, so you can easily identify pages and areas of your site to optimise.

  • WordPress dashboard: see a summary for the past month.
  • Page editor: see the results for the specific page.
  • Kanoppi dashboard: see the results for all pages on your website.

Expert advice

Support and advice

Learn more about sustainability and website carbon footprint measurement in our learning centre.

  • How to add and update content to keep your website’s carbon footprint low.
  • How to use Kanoppi to identify where you can improve and reduce.
  • Why website sustainability is important.
Kanoppi dashboard, tablet view

Ready to get started?

Our innovative WordPress extension is in private beta testing, launching soon. If you are interested, please request a demo and join our waiting list.