The world is facing an environmental crisis, and the need for green IT, sustainable websites and data has never been greater. The internet accounts for 3.7% of global carbon emissions, and this is due to increase to 15% in the next decade.

Many see building green websites as a luxury. We have to change this perception and democratise sustainable website design and development to be accessible to everyone.

If we can scale sustainable website practices fast to become the norm, we can address climate change in a meaningful way, and with the urgency this crisis demands. But if green website data remains the provenance of the privileged, we will have wasted a prime opportunity to save the planet.

Is your website sustainable?

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  • Louise Towler

    Written by

    Louise Towler

    Founder of Kanoppi and WordPress agency Indigo Tree, with deep expertise in WordPress websites, technical SEO and commercial performance for clients across the UK.