Tree canopy
Tree canopy

Reduce your website’s carbon footprint with Kanoppi

Use our innovative WordPress plugin to measure and help reduce your CO2e emissions

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Low carbon websites are good for the environment and your bottom line

A low carbon website typically uses less data and energy to display pages on a mobile or desktop:

  • Make your website faster, improve performance and your Google Core Web Vital Scores.
  • Provide a better experience for visitors, increasing conversions.
  • Decrease your cost of hosting.

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Measure and then reduce your website’s carbon footprint

Kanoppi helps you to measure your WordPress website’s carbon footprint and identify pages where you will gain the most impact from making improvements.

Use our carbon footprint reports, to track the impact of changes to your website over time and include the results in your carbon reduction plan.

Key features

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Daily measurement and tracking of individual pages based on traffic

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Summary and per page reports within your WordPress admin

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Help and advice to measure your efficiency and impact over time

The benefits of Kanoppi

You cannot improve what you cannot measure.




The canopy of a tree

The internet accounts for 3.7% of global CO2e emissions

A sustainable future requires innovation, so now is the time to start measuring and then reducing your website’s carbon footprint.

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Your WordPress sustainability plugin

  1. Chat with Louise about your organisation’s performance and digital sustainability challenges.
  2. See Kanoppi in action with a live product demo.
  3. Join our priority beta test waiting list.

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